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4 min read

Design Tips to Succeed at Topcoder

If you’re new to Topcoder design and you’re a beginner as well, seeing a large number of great designers, comp…

Apr 16, 2018


8 min read

How to Compete in Testing Competitions

Even after thorough unit testing and QA at every production level, user acceptance testing can help flush out …

Aug 21, 2008


1 min

Avoid These Common Mistakes & Be Successful in Code Challenges

Make sure to always read the challenge specs carefully and ask for clarifications in the challenge forum as so…

Sep 28, 2017


5 min

What is Talent As A Service (TAAS)?

TaaS stands for “Talent as a Service”. It is one of several ways that Topcoder engages with its customers. Th…

Dec 16, 2019


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