November 25, 2019

Submitting a Thrive Article

So you’d like to be a contributor to Topcoder Thrive, huh? I can’t say it’s a surprise as our members are amongst the brightest in their fields and have a lot of knowledge to share with others. We are very excited about your interest and hope to publish your article or video very soon.

All accepted submissions will receive $50!

How To Get Your Article/Video Published

Step 1: Verify Your Submission Meets The Criteria
  • Your article can be used as a source of learning a particular topic. If you find that your submission is more based on opinion, perhaps you may want to attempt to submit to the Topcoder Blog. Thrive = Education!

  • Your article has a minimum of 500 words in length

  • The article passes the Plagiarism Check from Grammarly. It is free for use, so please use it!

  • Check the issues list for issues tagged [WIP] which will mean someone else is already working on the topic that you want to write about

  • Take a tour around Thrive and the Topcoder Blog in the category that you are planning on writing about to make sure the topic hasn’t already been covered.

Step 2: Create Your Document

In your document include the following information:

Title of your article

Your First and Last Name / Handle

Track Category
Choose between: Design, Development, Data Science, Competitive Programming, QA, Topcoder

Is your article about a specific technology, application, tool, or theory? Write down that specific item here.

Use comma-separated words/phrases that further explains your article. For example, the primary theme of your article may be about Java (which would be your subcategory) but you also talk about “Binary Trees” and have some “Python” code written in there. For this tags section you would then write:

Binary Trees, Python

Read Time
About how long will it take an average reader to read your article?

If you’d like a more accurate result there is a Google Extension called Reading Time that can help you estimate.

Banner Image
Paste a link to the image you would like used for this article. Make sure that the image is not copyrighted and that the dimensions of the image are at a minimum 1050 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall.

Here is where you provide the content of your article. If there are images you wish to use in your content, remember to paste the link to the image as we are not able to download the image if you paste that in your document. If you are at all familiar with Markdown, please use that format to create your content.

Click here for a sample submission.

Step 3: Submit Your Document

To keep a high-quality level of articles in Thrive we have defined special prerequisites an article should meet before it gets accepted for review. Please, read the dedicated article and make sure your submission meets those requirements. Submissions that fail to pass initial screening according to the described requirements will be not accepted for review.

Additionally to the listed requirement above applied screening will check your submissions meets the following criteria:

  • Your article has min 500 words length

  • The article passes Plagiarism Check from Grammarly It is free for use, so please use it!

  • Check the issues list for issues tagged [WIP] which will mean someone else is already working on the topic you want to write about
    Check Thrive and the Topcoder Blog to make sure your topic has not been written about already.


When you are sure that your article passes the prerequisites go to and click the “New issue” button in the top right.

Screenshot from 2021-06-23 17-16-01

Fill the issue form by following this template:
Screenshot from 2021-06-23 17-18-35

Please note that we need you to type the title, track and your TC handle. Do not forget to attach or link to the article itself.

At this point, you are done submitting! Your article will now be reviewed and feedback will be provided soon. Please monitor your notifications for next steps.

The Review phase

Your submission will be reviewed by a track evangelist and copilot. From here there are 3 paths possible:
Submitting for Thrive via GitHub

  • Passed Review - The evangelist or copilot will set this label when the article has been accepted for publishing. Payments will be processed by the project copilot immediately upon the publishing of the article and the ticket will enter the tcx_FixAccepted state and then finally the tcx_Paid state when it is closed.

  • Review Feedback - The evangelist or copilot will make a comment on the ticket about how to improve the article. Writers will have 12hrs to handle/update the request by the copilot. When ready - notify the reviewer by mentioning them (@) in the ticket. For example: “@xyz ready for review”.

  • Rejected Review - Don’t get demotivated! Look at this as an opportunity to improve your skills and submit again!

Repo rules

We need to maintain clear rules and objectively apply them. Members that violate the repo rules will be removed and will lose access to the project!

Step 4: link your GitLab to TCX

Please, click on the link and login with your TC account when prompted.

We need to link your GitLab to TCX to be able to process your payment:


Q: How do I know if my article is approved or not?
A: The articles will go through several levels of moderations from community veterans. You will then receive a notification if they are approved or if they may need any final fixes

Q: When can I expect the payment for it?
A: As soon as your article is published you will receive the payment. The publish dates will be according to the number of articles we receive. We hope to moderate and then publish all the articles in the next few weeks. Check here for the payment policies and instructions.

Q: I am not good at english, can I still write an article?
A: For sure, yes! All we are looking for is your expertise in your field. The article will go through a formal editing process before being published. Feel free to use tools like Grammarly.

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