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A new, multi-year project, Poseidon, has arrived. Check out all the challenges coming your way and get in now.

Quantum Computing Series

We know you have always wanted to learn how Quantum Computing works and how to use it to solve real world problems. Well, now that Topcoder is partnering with Fujitsu and their latest system, Digital Annealer (DA), you can! We will be launching three learning challenges and one Marathon Match all with cash prizes. Get paid to learn Quantum Computing!

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Topcoder member programs offer incentives and recognition to members who participate in special tournaments and challenge series, help recruit new members, act as a liaison for the community and much more. Looking for some extra cash? Some of our programs offer extra prize money! Check out the details for each program and be sure to follow the Topcoder blog so you’ll know when new member programs start.

Active Programs


The Topcoder Open

The Ultimate Programming and Design Tournament with the year’s top members for extra prizes and the chance to become a Topcoder Champion. Earn points by submitting to challenges. No need to register for this tournament separately, you are automatically enrolled when you joined Topcoder!

Learn Topcoder

Learn Topcoder

New to Topcoder? This archive of member stories and tips will surely help you get up to speed and succeeding here in no time!

Cognitivie Community

Cognitive Community

The Topcoder Cognitive Community is designed to help you develop the Cognitive technology skills you need for the jobs of tomorrow. Get access to informational resources, participate in fun challenges, and exchange tips with fellow designers & developers around the world.

Crowd For Good

Crowd For Good

Crowd for Good brings the power of the crowd and non-for-profits together to use technology and data to solve complex problems and make the world a better place. Visit the Challenge page to see postings for upcoming Crowd for Good challenges.

Algo Writers

Algorithm Problem Writers

Looking for some extra cash? We’re looking for more Algorithm Problem Writers. It’s a win-win! Check out the details.

MVP Program

Topcoder MVP Program

The Topcoder MVP program is a prestigious group of elite Topcoder members who represent our community. The program provides our MVPs opportunities to enjoy special perks, help improve the community, and grow professionally.


The Topcoder Blockchain Community

Over the coming weeks we will be adding educational resources, fun challenges to help you hone your skills, and competitive challenges to work on real-world customer projects with Ethereum blockchain.