Crowd for Good - A Topcoder Initiative

Crowdsourcing has come a long way since the last 10 years. For the most part, it has become become a reliable and cost-effective way for enterprises and business organizations to build software solutions catering to very specific requirements.

However, crowdsourcing solutions aren’t just limited to creating only business solutions today. Companies are using the power of the crowd to build solutions that can improve lives across the globe. It is also effective in providing quality solutions for local businesses and markets.

2016 saw the Topcoder Community creating definitive business solutions and tools (and also hitting the 1 million members mark). Among the many things that Topcoder dabbled in, was partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for the Living Progress Challenge.

The Living Progress Challenge was an innovation program that sought to create digital solutions that would improve people’s lives across the globe. This became a flagship project which kicked off Topcoder’s Crowd for Good Initiative.

Topcoder is expanding the possibilities of getting its community to explore the Crowd for Good initiative further.

Current Projects

  • Topcoder and Business Alliance