Gh3ablo’s Design Month at Topcoder

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Gh3ablo’s Design Month at Topcoder takes place every May and it has become an annual event since 2017. Now in our 5th year, Topcoder Design Month is dedicated to our beloved designer and friend who passed away in 2020, gh3ablo.

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May 5 at 10:00 UTC-4

Join our community team for Gh3ablo’s Design Month kick off, an indepth look at how our Bracket Tournament works, and a special guest or two to help you make the most of Design Month.
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May 12 at 10:00 UTC-4

It’s all about learning this week. We’ll have a special guest and the first Topcoder Skill Builder challenge for Design on learning Figma.
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Marvelapp CEO
Murat Mutlu
May 19 at 10:00 UTC-4

The CEO and Co-Founder of Marvel will be talking to us about his journey from building a side-project to a startup, how they got users with no money and some of the design decisions that helped make the brand sticky.
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May 26 at 10:00 UTC-4

Designers and Developers unite! Do more at Topcoder and learn how others have transitioned and built careers at Topcoder. Plus join us for an inside look at how Designers and Developers can best work together. This week will also feature some special guests.
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May 28 at 8:00 UTC-4

Join the Topcoder community team for the grand finale of Design Month. We’ll do the final round of the Bracket Tournament, announce the grand prize winners, have some fun games, networking opportunities, and a special admin contest too!
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Jessie’s Design Month Dash

This is a three round fun challenge and designers will have to pre-register to compete. Designers will be automatically assigned (randomly) to a heat or group of designers to compete against for round 1. Each heat of round 1 will be designing the same thing but the design spec will be a little different for each.
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Returning from last year, a bigger bracket-style Rapid UI Design Tournament! Continuing the format started at TCO19 we bring you a 1-on-1 design tournament! Are you able to win your match-up? Are you able to “just survive” or will you dominate everyone? Join us for a series of 30/60 minute design battles throughout the month of May and make your way through the bracket… who will be our next Design Champion!

Details: We will launch a Seed Challenge on Thursday, May 6th that will be available for 48 hours. You must submit to the challenge to be eligible for the Tournament. On Thursdays, in May we will host rounds of the tournament with the championship at the end of the month. Once you are seeded we will let you know your competition time.

Prizes for the Final 4! Do not miss this!!


We definitely have some fun challenges coming for Ghe’s Design Month. Keep your eyes peeled on the challenge listing page so you don’t miss it. All challenges tagged “Design Month” count for points!
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We are so excited to launch our first Topcoder Skill Builder challenge with Figma! Don’t miss this chance to build your skill with this awesome technology.
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Every time you compete during Design Month, you’re earning points and at the end of Design Month, we’ll reward our top winners! All challenges eligible for points will be tagged.

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The grand prize winner of Design Month with the most points wins a trip to the 2021 Topcoder Open. If you are not able to travel to the TCO21 Finals, a cash equivalent will be provided.

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The top point earning newbie wins a grand prize of $250 and a one hour, private design workshop with VP, Community and founder of Topcoder Design, Adam Morehead. Designers eligible for this prize must be new submitters who have never submitted to a Topcoder design challenge before.

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Every design challenge that runs during May will reward passing submitters with a Design Month t-shirt. Compete in any design challenge and you’re eligible.

Gh3ablo’s Design Scholarship

We are excited to announce our first-ever partnership with The Brackets Club for the Gh3ablo’s Design Month Scholarship. The Brackets Club will donate a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student from the Topcoder community. All students are welcome to apply here.

The Brackets Club is also accepting donations now to help community members in need and for support of the annual Design Month Scholarship.


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