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You’ve got the skills, now show them off! A program for September to help you maximize your skills to get the freelancing gig you’re after.

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About the program

Topcoder is an awesome place to expand your skills and earn money. We want to take that to the next step and help you get a gig through our Gig Work opportunities and keep it.

This month we’re bringing you webinars, resources, skill building challenges, and more to help you on your career path to becoming a successful freelancer or simply to change career paths. Read on below to see all we have in store for you!




Harrison Wheeler is a Silicon-Valley based UX Design Manager with roots in the Midwest.

His diverse design experience has taken him from working as an entrepreneur, scaling a startup to working in a tech corporation. Currently at LinkedIn, he builds design teams, simplifies complex ideas into effective and beautifully designed solutions and inspires through storytelling.

With 15 years of design experience, Harrison regularly contributes articles, interviews and workshops on all things UX design. This interest inspired him to launch Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler, a podcast that explores the in’s and out’s about everything related to User Experience Design.


Jaz Wray recently joined Encompass Digital Media as Sales Director - Western USA & Canada. Encompass is a global technology services company focused on supporting broadcast, cable, and digital leaders worldwide. Wray has worked in the media & entertainment and wireless telecommunication industries for more than 20 years across the Americas.

Wray has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and earned his MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Wray is an FAA licensed private pilot and certified scuba diver who enjoys international travel and learning foreign languages.

Wray has worked with key accounts around the world such as NASA, Space-X, Amazon AWS, Google, YouTube, Apple, Disney, DirecTV/AT&T, Paramount, Sony, American Express, Bechtel, medical facilities, megachurches, renowned performance theaters, military bases, and multinational corporate clients. He is certified as a Six Sigma process improvement expert and a Toastmaster public speaker. Wray enjoys delivering inspirational training sessions specifically focused on helping others maximize their career opportunities with job search tips and interviewing advice to stand out from the crowd, receiving those offers.


Tips for Gig Success

by Jaz Wray

The gig market for young developers is often a challenge, particularly if English is not your first language. Please join for recommendations about starting your job search, targeting your resume, where to focus your efforts, pursuing your opportunities, interviewing advice, what to do when approaching a job offer (it’s not what you think), and potential tax implications of gig work to keep in mind.

Status: Completed

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Getting the Gig

by Harrison Wheeler

Join us for a mini-series with Harrison Wheeler, a Silicon-Valley based UX Design Manager at LinkedIn. Harrison will share his experience building design teams, the components of a successful interview, and how to be a good team player.

Status: Completed

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Portfolio Presentation Guide & Tips

by Harrison Wheeler

In this episode, Harrison will reveal the elements of an eye-catching portfolio and an effective presentation style. Highlighting your contributions in a unique way can be tricky, so join us to learn how to showcase your talent!

Status: Completed

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WFH Protocols Plus Q&A from our Top Gig Workers

by Jessie D’Amato Ford

Join Jessie to learn some working from home protocols to help you be successful. We’ll also do a Q&A with some of our top gig workers at Topcoder to learn from their experience and see what it’s like to live the Topcoder Gig lifestyle.

Status: Completed

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Your Guide to a Good Resume

On top of having a robust Topcoder profile, writing a good resume is key for getting a gig. We’ve got some great resume resources for you as well as a great example for you to peruse.

Resume Example

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Resume resources