MVP Program

MVP Nominiations for 2020 are now open!

The nominations for 2020 will take place January 15 – 24, 2019.
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The Topcoder MVP program is a prestigious group of elite Topcoder members who represent our community. The program provides our MVPs opportunities to enjoy special perks, help improve the community, and grow professionally.

Topcoder MVPs showcase the following characteristic traits within our community:

  • Passion

  • Spirit

  • Hardwork

  • Deadication

  • Innovation

MVP Selection

MVPs can be nominated by any Topcoder member or Topcoder admin during the nomination period. Nominations happen once a year and follow the schedule below. MVPs will be selected by the Topcoder community managers.


  • Topcoder members interested in the MVP program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Topcoder member

  • Active on Topcoder for at least 6 months

  • Have competed in at least 6 challenges on Topcoder in any competition track

  • Shows passion, actively gives feedback, and truly wants to make Topcoder the #1 community to be a part of

MVP Perks

Topcoder MVPs enjoy special perks as follows:

  • Early access to upcoming Topcoder programs and new releases

  • Sneak peak at Topcoder roadmaps

  • Featured member on the Topcoder blog and on the website

  • Opportunity to be a speaker at a Topcoder marketing or community event

  • Monetary stipend to attend a Topcoder Open event

  • Exclusive virtual meetings with Topcoder admin and executives

  • Potential to work with admins and copilot special Topcoder projects

MVP Expectations

As an elite Topcoder MVP, in order to uphold the title, members are required to do the following items every calendar year:

  • Attend at least two virtual meetings per year

  • Contribute to at least three blog post per year

  • Attend at least one community event

  • Actively participate in the Topcoder forums and community slack channel

  • Consistently keep communications open with admins

Nomination Information

Topcoder members can send in nominations once a year. The nominations for 2019 will take place January 15 – 25, 2019. Any Topcoder member or admin can make a nomination during the nomination period in January. Members may also nominate themselves.


How will Topcoder select MVPs and how often?
Nominations will take place once a year. Selected members will be chosen by the Topcoder Community Team.

How long can someone be an MVP?
MVP membership is for life as long as the expectations of the member are met.

What about CAB?
CAB will roll up into the MVP program. All MVPs will continue the CAB-like features we have and will become our CAB members. Their required meetings, our CAB meetings.

Can I nominate myself for the MVP program?
Yes, definitely as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

Our MVP Class

These members were nominated by the community and selected by Topcoder Admins and truly represent the core values of the program.