Topcoder in the
time of COVID-19

Take some time to learn something new, practice something you’ve always wanted to improve, get more involved with our community…and to just take a deep breath.


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Thinking of you

We are thinking of each and every one of you right now and are actively working to help with this situation in this world. With our Anti-Coronavirus Hackathon and creating this entire page dedicated to helping you get through this tough time at home amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. Take some time for yourself to learn something new, practice something you’ve always wanted to try, or simply get involved with our community.


We are bringing you some webinars starting this month to learn something interesting while you are at home. There are more
topics we are working on like Hierarchy in UI/UX Designing, Cloud Native Apps, Math Problems in Competitive Programming,
Simulated Annealing etc. We will be adding them to the list here.

Dynamic Programming and Local Memoization

by misof

Join this session to learn and get better at Dynamic Programming and Local Memoization in Competitive Programming. The webinar will be followed by a practice contest to flex your muscles. Read this tutorial and get ready!

Status: Completed

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Probability and Statistics in Competitive Programming

by KaasanErinn

Join in this interesting webinar hosted by a long time Topcoder Admin where she will help you tackle Probability and Statistics Problems in Competitive Programming. She will also be solving some of the best problems on the live webinar.

Status: Completed

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Get Started with Game Development using Cocos Creator

by billsedison

Getting bored sitting at home and playing a lot of online games. Have you ever explored how these games are built? Join our Development Track Evangelist and an Experienced Game Developer billsedison to get you started with Game Development using Cocos Creator.

Status: Completed

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How to Win Data Science Competitions at Topcoder

by banerjeesourish

Learn from the new Data Science sensation on Topcoder on how and what did he do to crack some of the recent Data Science Competitions at Topcoder. He will also be guiding on how you start from being a Beginner Data Scientist to a Topcoder Pro Data Scientist.

Status: Completed

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Get Started with API & Microservices Development

by thomaskranitsas

The microservices architecture product development trend has now become popular as companies are now more Agile and move towards DevOps and continuous testing. To get you started we bring you a hands on session to start your journey with building an API.

Status: Completed

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UX Design Approach with Case Studies from Topcoder Client Projects

by adroc

Time to travel back to some of the famous design client projects with our veteran Design Guru adroc and a few of the copilots - about what special did the competitors do to crack those hard design problems.

Status: Completed

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Interested in More Webinars?


We have a few competitions and hackathons running this April for you

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Learn Flutter with Topcoder


Join our last challenge of this series to create a Flutter app to exemplify the Coronavirus data! If you missed the previous two challenges, don’t worry, the recaps from the past challenges are here. It’s easy to catch up!


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Get Started with Software Testing (QA) on Topcoder

Bug HuntQA

This practice challenge serves as an onboarding tool for new members, where we ask members to find bugs on to get introduced to Topcoder’s platform and learn how to find bugs.


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SlackBot Hackathon


Do you use Slack everyday? Who doesn’t use Slack? There are several interesting Slack Bots that make your life easier. Want to build a chat bot? Here’s a hackathon for you in which we will help you learn.


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Understanding UI Testing with Topcoder

QABug HuntUI Testing

QA fun learning continues! A new QA fun challenge focusing on the UI testing will be launched on April 1st. If you’re not familiar with the UI testing yet, you may find this short article is helpful for you to get started.


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Data Science: Detecting Radiological Threats in Urban Areas

Machine Learning

Get started with Marathon Matches with this interesting NASA practice match.The goal is to spur new, innovative thinking in radiation detection algorithms.


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Single Round Match 783

AlgorithmCompetitive Programming

Take the first step to start your high-adrenaline journey on Topcoder with this exciting Competitive Programming Match on Topcoder. Registration Now Open in Arena.



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Topcoder Nation

Want to live in the passion economy? See how others re doing it! Read about their exciting stories and adventures, while working and travelling around the world.


Want to win a t-shirt?

Here is how you win one of the thousand t-shirts that will ship to members eligible for April 2020:

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