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What is Gig Work?

Gig Work is a full time, freelance position working directly with our customers. Gig work at Topcoder is another way we engage with our customers. This model is much closer to the traditional freelancing model. We utilise this gig work where it makes more sense for a customer to work directly with individual resources as opposed to challenges.

Engaging with Gig Work

Being a Topcoder member is the first thing you need to do to get a Gig Work opportunity. (join now, it’s free). Once you have a profile that shows expertise in at least one area, you will be moved higher in the list as we match gig members to customer requests. Our platform scans our community looking for the top members for various in-demand skill sets. The best way to gear up quickly is to compete at Topcoder so check out the active challenges here.

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Ready to Take the Leap?

We have many Gig Work opportunities that you may be interested in and more are being posted daily.