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Join Adobe Document Cloud and Topcoder in a
challenge series for a post COVID world.

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Adobe Document Cloud is partnering with Topcoder to host a series of challenges on the Topcoder platform to develop new digital solutions that can help public services agencies and educational institutions stay resilient in a post COVID world.


This challenge series will kick off with an ongoing educational challenge for you to jump into at any time and two more challenges to improve your skills.


More than $10,000 in cash and t-shirts.

The first educational challenge will run for 8 weeks. Each week we will be awarding cash prizes to the best 5 unique submitters in that particular week. There is also an overall prize in the end to be awarded to the top 2 submissions from the whole challenge.

100 one of a kind Adobe+Topcoder T-shirts to be awarded to the first hundred submitters who score more than 90 on the educational challenge!

For the other two challenges - the Adobe Document Cloud COVID Challenge Series - Use Case 1 and Adobe COVID Challenge Series - Use Case 2 will have prizes along with 30 t-shirts each to be awarded to the first 30 submitters who score more than 80 in each challenge.

We also have 40 t-shirts to be awarded randomly to all the webinar attendees!

Check out the Adobe Document Cloud Team Webinar

This in depth webinar from the Adobe Document Cloud Team will help you be successful in the challenge series. Be sure to check it out.

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About the Adobe Document Services

Adobe’s Document Services offer cloud-based APIs to enable programmatic embedding and manipulation of PDF documents within any application. Through a set of SDKs in popular languages implementing powerful document workflows is seamless and scalable.

PDF View SDK provides a JavaScript SDK to easily embed a PDF with only a few lines of code. With support for custom PDF viewing modes, annotation APIs for collaboration, and usage analytics, you can quickly create engaging end user experiences.

PDF Services SDK delivers rapid document manipulation in applications using a series of APIs to automate creation and conversion from Microsoft Office files, combining PDFs, and applying OCR. Get started in minutes with ready to run example files for Node.js, .Net Core, and Java.

For more information or to ask a question, go here.