Adobe DOCUMENT CLOUD & Topcoder Challenge Series

Recruitment Signing Platform

Please note that these projects are proof of concept exercises and in no way related to or affiliated with any of the referenced entities.


This project aimed at providing a solution for companies to make their potential candidates sign labor contracts using Adobe PDF Tools and Adobe Sign API. The standout feature of my submission was that most of the requirements were met accurately by using the APIs and SDKs provided.


My main motivation behind participating in this challenge was that I had taken part in the previous Adobe challenges and the learning challenges too, so I was excited to take part in the Use Case Challenge and apply my skills.

I started by reading the requirements very carefully and then jotted down my ideas. Thinking about your solution beforehand is crucial. I had taken part in previous Adobe challenges so I was at an advantage here.

I chose to use NodeJS and Express as I was quite comfortable with those. I chose Handlebars as the templating engine along with JQUERY for DOM manipulation. I chose a simple design. The login and signup screens were quite full-fledged. The most difficult part was to implement the different dashboard screens for the Company User and the Candidate User. Its implementation took a lot of time and then I tested it thoroughly for edge-cases.

The next hurdle was to implement a PDF Editor using Adobe PDF Services API. Here I used some boilerplate code from previous challenges. This was implemented nicely and thorough testing and validation was done. Implementing the Sign Feature and PDF Viewer was relatively easier. My primary focus was on code quality and I linted all my code. Finally, I optimized the performance for some parts of the site which was another criteria for scoring.


I feel that the challenge was great in displaying the usability of Adobe PDF Services and Adobe Sign API in a real-world project. This project could also be implemented by employers. Overall it was a great challenge that taught the participants a lot of things. I recommend other developers to focus on code quality from the beginning and create a good readme and demo video.