Adobe DOCUMENT CLOUD & Topcoder Challenge Series


Please note that these projects are proof of concept exercises and in no way related to or affiliated with any of the referenced entities.


Since the COVID pandemic, employees are working from home. There are various equipment and software licenses they require to fulfill their work. Employees constantly email the IT team for the access and purchase of new equipment.
The IT team receives around 100-150 emails daily. The IT team is overwhelmed by the work required to process the emails. According to company policy, whenever the employee requests new equipment or software licenses, they need approval from their employee’s manager. It’s monotonous work. I wanted to solve a practical problem that is faced by almost every person who works in IT.

I created a solution that reduces the time spent by the IT team and speeds up the process of resolving issues for employees. More importantly, the solution was easy to integrate into their current email system. Instead of sending an email directly to the IT Team, employees send an email to Microsoft Power Automate. This saves time for the IT Team to solve more critical issues.


I have used Microsoft Power Automate in my previous company but never with Adobe Tools, which generated an interest for me to work on this challenge.
I began by thinking about how this technology can solve my current issues in my professional life. Whenever I email the IT Team they take around 2-4 days to reply. I was thinking about how I could use Microsoft Power Automate and Adobe Tools to reduce that time.
I began to lay out all the steps that the IT team has to go through to provide me the tools and software required. I found out that the IT team uses an email system for communication. Therefore, I planned to integrate Microsoft Power Automate and Adobe Tools into their email system.


Adobe Tools has impressed me. They had detailed configuration options that can be used in Power Automate. It almost felt like I was coding but using a visual designer. I learned a lot about Adobe Tools through this challenge.