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Adobe DOCUMENT CLOUD & Topcoder Challenge Series


Please note that these projects are proof of concept exercises and in no way related to or affiliated with any of the referenced entities.


The solution I worked on was to reduce miscommunication and save time during human resource management by creating a central place to coordinate employees and by automating repetitive tasks and workflows.


Using Adobe connectors for various document processing needs and Microsoft Power Automate, I was able to build my idea quickly. The solution is made up of a Sharepoint List where employees’ data points, including job status, are stored. Power Automate flows are then created accordingly upon triggers from list item changes.


For instance, whenever there is a change of List item (employee) status, repetitive tasks involved in creating and sending documents to be signed, then following up with reminders and triggering subsequent flows (such as onboarding package, termination package, work anniversaries) are automated by Power Automate.


Adobe connectors such as Adobe Sign API and PDF Services API enable excellent document handling capabilities to accomplish various needs involved in automating document creation, customization and processing.



As a senior manager in my day job, I am partially involved in recruitment and management of employees. I have to work with HR managers and other department managers to manage various repetitive tasks which take away many hours from my productive hours.

In addition to time consumption and loss of productivity, there are usually communication inefficiencies with potential and existing employees as documents and messages are lost in an Inbox. For instance, sometimes documents need just a signature to move forward to next steps. With a simple automated reminder, things can run smoother without unnecessary delays.

This is the huge pain I personally experience and I imagine that many people share the same itch I have. Hence, I feel so inspired by this challenge to solve the problem with various capabilities offered by Adobe and Microsoft to streamline my tasks.


With my career change, I have been away from day-to-day programming for almost a decade. So I was a bit nervous at first. However, I have always wanted to look into no-code/low-code platforms. This challenge gave me the opportunity to dive in to explore Adobe connectors and Microsoft Power Automate.

Before working on my submission, I did a quick overview of various capabilities offered by Adobe. Then I did more analysis about the problems and pains in managing employee documents and communication. With a good understanding of the problem, I was ready to build a simple and efficient solution to streamline and automate various repetitive tasks.

To highlight potentials of the solution, good documentation and presentation was important. I dedicated 25% of my time I used on this part.


Overall, I was satisfied submitting for this challenge while scratching my own itch. I now have a good tool that I can use at my own work. And I hope this inspires others to start leveraging the power of Adobe connectors.