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Sun The Sun™ Developer Network, Sun Microsystem's premier developer community, is proud to sponsor the 2005 TopCoder Open.

Sun has a long history of supporting the Java development community. For example, consider the JavaOne(SM) conference, Java.Net,, and Sun's contributions to open source as evidence of Sun's commitment to developer productivity and coding excellence.

Sun shares the passion for innovation, which is demonstrated by TopCoder's members in the TopCoder Open.

One series of this year's TopCoder Open will focus upon JavaServer Faces component development.

One of Sun's most exciting new products is Sun Java™ Studio Creator, which is a 100% Java™-based IDE focused on visual drag-and-drop web application development using JavaServer Faces components.

Developing and using third-party JavaServer faces components in Java™ Studio Creator is possible today and will be even better in the soon to be released Java Studio Creator 2, which brings with it many other new and exciting features, several of which resulted from customer feedback since the product was launched at the 2004 JavaOne(SM) conference.

Sun recommends that all TopCoder participants do the following:
  1. Learn more about Java™ Studio Creator 2 and participate in the Early Access Program: JOIN NOW!
  2. Build your JavaServer Faces components using the Java™ Studio Creator Design-Time APIs. To learn about the APIs please click here.
Stay tuned here for information on the Creator 2 Early Access Program launch date.

Let the Coding begin!