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Yahoo! is excited to sponsor the TopCoder Open and support the drive, intensity and innovative spirit of TopCoder members. We know a lot about you and we’re impressed (to say the least). We hope you’ll get to know a bit about us too.

Why Yahoo!?
  • Yahoo! has more than 125 employees with PhDs in topics that range from artificial intelligence and machine learning to data mining and information retrieval
  • Yahoo! has a strong tradition of using open source technologies... in fact the founder of PHP and core committers of FreeBSD are all Yahoos
  • Top bloggers like Jeremy Zawodny, Michael Radwin and Russell Beattie call Yahoo! home
  • Yahoo! has already hired more than 10 TopCoder members as part of our relationship with the competition and the two events we've sponsored
Did you know...

What started in 1994 as two Stanford Ph. D. students in a trailer, has quickly become the world’s most essential Internet service for consumers, as well as businesses. Over the past ten years, Yahoo! has established itself as the proven leader - reaching over 237 million unique users in 25 countries - but we never rest on our laurels.

Where do you fit in to the picture?

We’re always looking ahead and need the smartest engineers in the world to drive our future. Relentless innovation, groundbreaking technology and worldwide influence are just a few of the reasons engineers love working at Yahoo!. (The free coffee, game room breaks and jeans-and-t-shirt atmosphere don’t hurt either.)