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“The best part is the way Topcoder delivers in a short span of time.”

Ravi Chandran Head of Engineering, BT

Accelerate the journey to 5G

See How Telcos are Using On-Demand Talent to Think Bigger, Aim Higher, and Create Winning Solutions

“If I’ve got an engineer lead developer, what better way to make sure that they are using their thought leadership than to give them the power of a global workforce?”

Paul Hlivko CXO & CTO, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Developing An All-In Talent Strategy to Maximize Enterprise Resiliency

Topcoder VP Clinton Bonner talks with Paul Hlivko, CTO, and CXO of Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The discussion focuses on how a holistic approach to talent strategy can set the groundwork for buy-in and scale with on-demand talent. Paul reveals that at Wellmark, the use of crowd talent isn’t a threat; it’s an opportunity.

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“We got access to resources from people around the world that there’s no way we could have found.”

Tom Lindermans Co-founder, ConsenSys | Diligence


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