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Where it All Comes Together

Billions of times each day, people all over the world will visit Web pages, make phone calls, conduct online purchases, download digital content to mobile devices, and run secure online applications. And at the center, you'll find VeriSign, enabling and protecting each digital interaction. Every day, the world relies on VeriSign intelligent infrastructure services to reap the benefits of the ongoing revolution in digital communications, commerce, and content.

Did You Know?
  • VeriSign manages two of the world's 13 Internet root servers, and, considered national IT assets by the U.S. Federal government.
  • VeriSign routes every Web address ending with .com or .net, more than 14.5 billion domain name system (DNS) inquiries every day.
  • VeriSign delivers more than 3 million ringtones, pictures, and games to mobile phone customers.
  • VeriSign has unmatched intelligence in IT security from managing thousands of enterprise perimeters, millions of e-commerce transactions, and billions of Internet inquiries every day.
  • VeriSign processes 37 percent of North American e-commerce transactions.
  • VeriSign maintains the largest base of secure payments customers on the Internet: more than 134,000 customers processing billions of dollars every quarter.
  • VeriSign has more than 450,000 digital certificates installed throughout the world, protecting the majority of secure Web sites on the Internet.
  • VeriSign operates the largest independently owned SS7 network in the world, routing 2.7 billion phone connections from carrier to carrier, across national boundaries, and between protocols.
  • Every day VeriSign translates nearly 5 million inter-carrier text messages, handles 50 percent of roaming traffic in the U.S., and delivers more than 10 million Caller IDs.
Are You Ready to Help Drive the World's Transformation to a Digital Economy?

E-commerce, content-delivery, and other digital applications have shown explosive growth in recent years, but VeriSign believes that the near future promises much greater rewards. This is where you come in; VeriSign is looking for talented, passionate developers who can see the potential in tomorrow's voice and data networks, and who want to help drive the transformation to a digital economy.

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