December 12, 2018 Celebrating RUX Challenges with the big 5-0!

For those who don’t know what a RUX is, you have to know that RUX stands for Rapid User Experience Challenge, which is a very fast design challenge. It lasts for 3 days (exactly 72 hours), has high prizes (1st prize: $2,000, 2nd prize: $1,500, 3rd prize: $1,000, 4th prize: $750 and 5th prize: $500) and usually it brings an interesting UX or UI problem a customer is looking to solve. Because of all these facts, you can get the idea that they are a lot fun and everyone has the chance to capture more prizes! This is the reason why Topcoder designers skip working on other challenges, have sleepless nights, skip on meetings :D, and jump-in every time. The RUXes are also a great chance to learn as the design feedback is usually coming from adroc, tgerring or High-Def.
The first RUX launched was June 22, 2016 and it was about a drone visualization. You can check it out here. The RUX challenge format arrived after previous experiments running the LUX (Live User Experience) challenges for over 2 years, which was very successful. The goal for the RUX was to create consistent timelines (72 hours), consistent prizes and for it to run anytime (it didn’t need to be live at an event). There is also a leaderboard that showcases and highlights the variety of “RUX Champions” since the first one.
Below are a sample of designs from the RUXes:
RUX 8: RUX – 72HR Insurance Call Center Application Design Concepts Challenge
Design of 1st place winner: chekspir

RUX 21: RUX – Kubik Insurance Quote and Bind Solution Design Concepts Challenge
Design of 1st place winner: abedavera

RUX 22: RUX – 72HR Employee Communication Mobile App Design Challenge
Design of 1st place winner: iamtong

RUX 34: RUX – 72HR Retail Store Responsive Web Design Challenge
Design of 1st place winner: vlack

RUX 44: RUX – NWL Knowledge Sharing Design Concepts Challenge
Design of 1st place winner: yoki

From that moment until now, we have run 49 RUXes with incredible design results! Thursday, Dec 13, we are going to launch RUX50 and we invite everyone to be part of it. Big prizes and interesting UX problems are waiting for everyone. Anyone can win! The stats below prove it!
Did you know that in all the history of RUXes:

  • We have had members from from 13 countries winning a placement? Cape Verde, Chile, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam
  • We have 55 members who won placements (prizes)?
  • The members with the most placement wins are iamtong with 31 wins, followed by Ravijune with 17 wins and yoki with 14 wins?
  • The member with the most 1st placement wins is iamtong with 10 wins, followed by Ravijune with 5 wins and yoki with 4 wins?
  • We have 17 unique members who have won only 1 time first placement in a RUX?
  • iamtong has placed 31 times in RUXes and in 10 of them he won 1st placement?
  • iaminfinite has placed 13 times in RUXes, but he is still looking to capture a 1st place? However, he places in 4th position for total prizes amount.
  • The total amount of placement prizes paid out for RUX challenges are $267,250?
  • Top 10 members by the number of placements are: iamtong, Ravijune, yoki, iaminfinite, eriantoongko, abedavera, ssp555, Ariefk, universo?
  • The members who won a first placement are: iamtong (10), Ravijune (5). Yoki (4), fairy_ley(3), abedavera (3), Riopurba (2), Ariefk (2). Everyone that follows has 1 win: vlack, universo, ujazz, ToxicPixel, tototpc, Tewibowo, nicokontes, lemonnine, kelvinwebdesign, joni7sunny, eriantoongko, chekspir, Brianbinar, basuki, ArteVisual, ssp555 and PereViki.

If you’re interested in jumping into RUX or LUX challenges, definitely check out this!


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