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SRM 92
May 29, 2002

Room 1 Review

Room 1 started with venco, ambrose, bigg_nate, ZorbaTHut, and SnapDragon opening the Level One within ten seconds, John Dethridge arriving a minute late but taking the same track. dmwright showed up two and a half minutes late, but started on the Level Two instead. SnapDragon finished the Level One after seven seconds flat, for 283.16 points, the highest in the room. Two minutes later bigg_nate completed his solution, followed seconds later by the late arrival of reid, who immediately opened his own Level One problem. ambrose, ZorbaTHut, and venco submitted their Level One solutions within fifteen seconds of each other, ambrose getting 261.34 points and ZorbaTHut beating out venco by two seconds for 260.41 points to venco's 260.18. John Dethridge spent 16 minutes on his solution, getting only 233.96 points.

Meanwhile, dmwright completed his Level Two submission for 413.60 points in thirteen and a half minutes, followed after a mere two and a half minutes by SnapDragon, racking out a Level Two solution in only eleven minutes for 437.27 points. dmwright continued on to the Level Three, as did SnapDragon. ZorbaTHut, bigg_nate, venco, and John Dethridge completed in anywhere from twelve minutes to eighteen minutes, the widely varying Level One submission times making unpredictable scores. ZorbaTHut moved on to the Level Three before anyone but SnapDragon and dmwright, though John Dethridge, finishing almost five minutes later, nevertheless got six points more, for 427.99 on the Level Two. bigg_nate, on the other hand, despite submitting a minute and a half sooner than John Dethridge, actually spent over 50% longer, getting only 369.46 points.

reid showed up to the match over nine minutes late and spent almost twelve minutes on the Level One, getting 257.92 points and opening the Level Two after SnapDragon and dmwright had finished it and moved on. Nevertheless, he finished the Level Two faster than anyone else, shaving 20 seconds off SnapDragon's time and earning 439.97 points, moving on to the Level Three still five minutes behind even John Dethridge. ambrose continued struggling with his Level Two. He eventually finished it after nearly forty minutes of work for only 242.55 points.

SnapDragon continued his unbelievable times, spending less than 16 minutes on the Level Three, netting a whopping 747.37 points and finishing the entire problem set in less than 35 minutes, for a grand total of 1467.80 points. dmwright finished the Level Three eight minutes later for 588.29 points after twenty-six minutes of work, going back to his unopened Level One. John Dethridge finished the problem set forty-six minutes into the match, spending almost exactly one minute more than SnapDragon on his Level Three for 730.17 points. ZorbaTHut finished four minutes later, taking 25 minutes on the Level Three for only 590.57 points. reid completing the set after 56 minutes, taking only 21 and a half for his Level Three for 648.48 points. dmwright and bigg_nate finished their sets within seconds of each other, dmwright burning 18 minutes on a 222.90point Level One submission and bigg_nate taking almost 33 minutes on a 513.08point Level Three. venco and ambrose did not submit a Level Three.

At the end of coding phase, SnapDragon was easily in the lead with his amazing total of 1467.80 points. John Dethridge was 2nd with 1392.12 points, and reid third with 1346.37 points. ZorbaTHut, dmwright, and bigg_nate took the middle places, with venco and ambrose trailing far behind.

Challenge phase was, as usual, quiet, the only event being dmwright's successful challenge of ZorbaTHut's Level One problem, dropping ZorbaTHut behind bigg_nate and pushing dmwright up to almost exactly ZorbaTHut's old score.

Systests, however, produced some changes, with ZorbaTHut's Level Two failing as well as both submissions of ambrose. bigg_nate and John Dethridge both lost their Level Three, and reid lost his Level One. venco kept both his submissions, and both SnapDragon and dmwright kept all three, SnapDragon preserving his impressive score.

SnapDragon finished as the room winner, dmwright getting 2nd place and reid's Level One loss knocking him from 2nd to 3rd, still in the running. John Dethridge, bigg_nate, and venco took up the middle. ZorbaTHut's multiple failures dropped him into the second-to-last place, only above ambrose, left with zero points.

SnapDragon gained 112 rating points from his impressive work, sending him up several places. dmwright gained the second most, getting 62 points. reid, bigg_nate, and venco gained 32, 37, and 47 respectively. John Dethridge did almost as predicted, gaining eight points, as did ZorbaTHut, losing a mere six. ambrose, on the other hand, plummeted a full 169 points down the rankings, not quite his maximum for one round.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member