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SRM 92
May 29, 2002

Room 1 Review

Due to the harder-than-average problems in Division II, rookie room scores were comparatively lower. Coding Phase yielded only 4 >1000 scores - dingodebs, trixzster, mbarb, and BanjoBill, from 1091.88 to 1041.94 points. krowa and acs held on to high-900 scores, while the next highest score belonged to dabudah with 777.63, dropping from there to 611.86 on Adebisi and continuing on down.

As is so often proven with the rookie rooms, high scores don't always hold. acs and BanjoBill each gained 50 points in challenge, and Adebisi pulled in a full hundred, but every single other one of the people mentioned lost at least one problem in challenge phase, sometimes all three. This brought windfalls for some people - mercury_m increased a score of 182.44 with two successful challenges, for example - but most in the round lost rather than gained. Some, however, managed to lose less than others. Schmyflatt partially offset a Level Two successful challenge with a pair of successful challenges of his own, pulling what would have been a 5th-place finish into a 3rd-place.

System test did its share of damage as well, knocking out BanjoBill's Level Three and many other submissions. Room 64 was hit the worst, losing five solutions total, while Rooms 65 and 68 were completely untouched.

Despite his Level Three loss, BanjoBill kept the lead in Room 64 as well as the third highest score in the Rookie Rooms. Dienda rode functional Level One and Two solutions to a win in Room 65. Adebisi did the same, but supplemented it with 100 points in challenge phase, getting the second highest score. AI won Room 67 with a Level One. WordMuncher took Room 68 by a hair-thin margin of less than a quarter-point, finishing with 178.08 points. bfields ended coding phase with a score of 145.08, but jumped three places after a successful challenge, winning Room 69.

acs was the only coder to keep all three solutions, and with a challenge was also the only Rookie Room coder to break 1000 points. acs finished the round with 1020.89 points and $100 of prize money.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member