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Compete in software challenges on a platform that allows up-and-coming coders to step into the spotlight-giving them the chance to break into the industry in front of peers, experts in the field and real world Fortune 500 clients. Compete in all types of development challenges to win prize money and establish your street cred. Sharpen your skills and learn new technology while working on real world projects for big-name clients.

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Competition Tips!

  • Read every challenge carefully and understand submission requirements
  • Ask questions in the challenge forum
  • Understand how winners are chosen / how submissions are scored
  • Register and submit within the deadlines

Topcoder Review

The Topcoder Review process helps ensure submissions that reach our customers are of the highest quality. Just like a manufacturing inspector puts each product through the wringer, our review board makes sure we are producing high quality output by individually inspecting every submission. Both our reviewers and submitters learn from the review process through lively discussions and feedback mechanisms which leads to higher quality output and improved skills.

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Topcoder has given me immense freedom in terms of how my life can be structured. I have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want … I get paid more than I ever could in a ‘normal’ job in my geographic area, and the financial freedom has allowed me to travel and do things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.
Ghostar, Topcoder member since 2001

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