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Data Science at Topcoder

Data science is the use of quantitative methods to solve business challenges that involve data. Examples include algorithm optimization, image and pattern recognition, and predictive analytics. Topcoder members compete in different ways on Data Science problems. Learn more about the two primary Data Science competition types below.

  • marathon
    Marathon Matches tackle the toughest algorithmic challenges — both real world and theoretical. For instance, optimizing solar energy generation on ISS, or cracking WWII Enigma codes.

  • marathon
    Data Science challenges in this track may require you to submit working code, while others are conceptual — requiring you to write out a great idea for a difficult problem.

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“Topcoder allowed me to experiment… It also showed me my weak and strong points, and I can apply this to other areas of my life. It allowed me to better understand myself.”

Featured Member – Psyho
Psyho: current reigning TCO Marathon Match global champion.