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Welcome to the Topcoder Data Science & Analytics Track!

We believe that data science, AI, and analytics can make the world a better place, and that everyone can play a part. Topcoder connects over a million minds throughout the world to customers via contests, tasks and talent pools to deliver insights and solutions as and when needed.

If you ever have any questions that are not covered here, check out our Contact Us page and either an admin or another member will guide you forward.

Competition Types

The Data Science track contains three types of challenges. Check them out below!

Marathon Match
Develop extreme value outcomes for large scale algorithmic challenges, focus in on optimizations, prediction, computer vision/pattern recognition, and bioinformatics.
3-8 Weeks

Develop code for apps, services, etc with a focus on algorithms. Final fixes are not included
1-2 Weeks

Provide advice for how to support a given problem, supported by examples
7-10 days

Challenge Series Spotlight

Single Cell - Challenge Series Spotlight

Single Cell Trajectory Inference Methods. Single-cell-omics Trajectory Inference (TI) methods are essential tools for the analysis of cellular dynamic process and to understand gene regulation. More than 60 methods have been developed and the list still keeps growing. It’s time to bring fresh ideas to this emerging and exciting field and keep improving.

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Rodeo II - Challenge Series Spotlight

Rodeo II: Sub-Seasonal Climate Forecasting The challenge of sub-seasonal forecasting encompasses the lead times of 15 to 45 days into the future, which lay between those of weather forecasting (i.e. up to 15 days, where initial ocean and atmospheric conditions matter most) and seasonal to longer-lead climate forecasting. Rodeo II will run a series of Sprints over one year and rank teams on their performance over time based on ability to outperform two benchmark forecasts from NOAA.

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Tips and Quotes

Check out what some of our members have to say about their experiences on Topcoder!

I got smarter, more confident and more open to new people, challenges and opportunities. I’ve lost count to ventures I’ve embarked on since joining Topcoder, and while not all of them were as ambitious as moving to another country, they’ve all been life-enriching or at least plain fun.

Topcoder member since 2005

Topcoder allowed me to experiment. At first I rediscovered programming after being completely bored with it. Then, I understood that I love solving tough problems and I actually don’t really like coding — it’s just a tool that I’m obliged to use. It allowed me to finally drop out of my studies, yet be considered an expert in the area in which I studied. It also showed me my weak and strong points and I can apply this to other areas of my life. It allowed me to better understand myself.

Topcoder member since 2004

As with any programming contests, Topcoder develops algorithmic thinking and ability to understand what exactly your code is doing. This sometimes helps in real-life coding. As for marathons specifically, I think they also promote problem solving skills and thinking out-of-the-box – after all, there is usually no definite solution. Again, those skills sometimes help at work when you’re, well, solving problems.

Topcoder member since 2008

As I only need to write small utilities programs in my regular job, Topcoder challenges are a great way to keep my programming skills in good shape. Besides that, I have learned a lot of things competing in marathon matches (e.g. optimization, machine learning, and image processing techniques).

Topcoder member since 2003