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SRM 89
May 18, 2002

Room 1 Review

Coding Phase

Much like the rest of Division 1, Room 1 submitted a mediocre performance in SRM 89, most likely due to the difficulty of the problems. Initially all but dmwright and po opted to begin on the 200 point problem. Within five minutes, John Dethridge, venco, and benetin had each submitted the 200 point problem. Five minutes later saw submissions from DjinnKahn and dvickrey, leaving Sord, dmwright, and po as the only ones not to have submitted a problem.

At the 21 minute mark, venco became the first to submit a 600 point solution for 476.40 points, making him the first to submit two problems. He must have observed a problem with his solution, however, because he resubmitted it two minutes later, reducing the value of his solution to 390.55 points. At about the same time Sord submitted a solution to the 200 point problem as his first submission and po submitted his 600 point solution, leaving dmwright as the only one without a submission.

A few minutes later dmwright through with his 600 point solution, which was immediately followed by John Dethridge's 600 point solution. Within five minutes dmwright had also submitted his 200 point solution.

DjinnKahn, dvickrey, and Sord were next to submit 600 point solutions over the following half hour. The 900 point submissions did not arrive until the final five minutes of the Coding Phase. The first 900 point submission came from venco, for 392.79 points. The last submission of the Coding Phase was benetin's 900 point submission, for 490.16. This gave these two competitors the lead going into the Challenge Phase. At the end of the Coding Phase, the scores were:

  1. venco: 976.36 (3 submissions)
  2. benetin: 682.72 (2 submissions)
  3. John Dethridge: 597.17 (2 submissions)
  4. dmwright: 555.25 (2 submissions)
  5. DjinnKahn: 538.10 (2 submissions)
  6. dvickrey: 514.56 (2 submissions)
  7. Sord: 419.41 (2 submissions)
  8. po: 381.33 (1 submission)

Challenge Phase

venco opened up the Challenge Phase with an unsuccessful challenge of Sord's 200 point submission. John Dethridge then immediately followed up with a successful challenge of the same submission, exploiting the fact that Sord's solution incorrectly returned answers with exponents of 1. This narrowed the gap between benetin and John Dethridge.

Things were quiet for the next seven minutes, until dmwright successfully challenged DjinnKahn's 600 point submission, taking advantage of DjinnKahn's incorrect implementation of a distance function for the hexagonal coordinate system and pulling himself further ahead of dvickrey.

The final challenge came a few minutes later in the form of another successful challenge by John Dethridge of the other submission from Sord. Sord's error consisted of accidentallY doubling the power of a club on the opening stroke.

The Challenge Phase concluded with a close race for second place between John Dethridge and benetin, with venco having a comfortable lead in first place. The scores at this point were:

  1. venco: 926.36
  2. John Dethridge: 697.17
  3. benetin: 682.72
  4. dmwright: 605.25
  5. dvickrey: 514.56
  6. po: 381.33
  7. DjinnKahn: 177.53
  8. Sord: 0.00

System Test Phase

The system tests knocked out both 900 point submissions, from benetin and venco. benetin's submission timed out on the 12x12 sample case, which explains why he submitted it in the final two minutes of the Coding Phase. venco's submission failed to detect that it was impossible to pair up all the students in one of the system test cases.

The only other submission to fail the system tests was po's 600 point solution, which strangely enough timed out on one of the sample cases.

Final Results

The final scores were:

  1. John Dethridge: 697.17
  2. dmwright: 605.25
  3. venco: 533.57
  4. dvickrey: 514.56
  5. benetin: 192.56
  6. DjinnKahn: 177.53
  7. po: 0.00
  8. Sord: 0.00

By Logan
TopCoder Member