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SRM 89
May 18, 2002

Rookie Review

At the end of the coding phase, the rookie high scorers were:

  • Room 48
    • ethaneade: 1327.48
  • Room 49
    • jmarron: 1447.99
    • stewarrb: 1265.58
  • Room 51
    • ssotangkur: 1210.89
  • Room 52
    • purpleankh: 1396.96
    • InsaneParadox: 1248.12

The Challenge Phase would shake things up a bit, however. In Room 48, ethaneade boosted his score by submitting 5 challenges, 4 of which were successful. This earned him 150 points, raising his score to 1477.48. In Room 49, stewarrb lost 50 points due to an unsuccessful challenge, and later lost his points earned from the Level 2 problem in the System Test Phase, putting him out of the running. Meanwhile, in Room 51, ssotangkur gained 150 points with 3 successful challenges, giving him a score of 1360.89.

Many of these impressive scores were then mowed down by the system tests. In Room 48, ethaneade lost his points for the Level 2 problem, reducing his score to a modest 1060.64 (still sufficient to win his room).

The same also applied to jmarron and stewarrb in Room 49, who finished second and third in the room, respectively. In Room 52, purpleankh also lost his Level 2 problem, leaving him with 1002.92 points and third in the room.

InsaneParadox and ssotangkur passed all of the system tests, and thus each won his room. InsaneParadox finished with a total 1248.12 points, the second highest rookie score of the match, while ssotangkur finished with 1360.89, giving him the highest rookie score of the match and a shiny yellow rating.

By Logan
TopCoder Member