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SRM 88
May 15, 2002

Room 1 Review

Since the 300 and 500 were pretty easy, almost everyone got both of those correct. The only exception was po, whose 300 point problem failed systests. Of the three hundreds, malpt was the quickest, submitted in 4 minutes for 293.94 points. DjinnKahn and doeth were right behind him, with 293.22 and 292.77 points, repsectively. The 500 point submissions were all very fast, and all in about the same amount of time, with a range of only 32 points. John Dethridge manage to come out on top, beating DjinnKahn by about 5 points. However, DjinnKahn was faster on the 300, and managed to beat John Dethridge by less than a point. So, after about 20 minutes, most people were done with the 300 and 500 and had moved on to stare at the 1100.

For the next 50 minutes or so 5 of the room 1 coders worked to figure out the trick to prevent the problem from timing out, to no avail. With about five minutes left, po and evd both finally submitted solution. DjinnKahn did slightly better, submitting with a little over 10 minutes left. But, in the end the winner, hands down, was dmwright, whose 1100 point problem took a little over 20 minutes. In the end only 4 of the coders had submitted solutions to all three problems. Of these only two would pass systests, as po's 300 and 1100 failed, while DjinnKahn's 1100 failed. Thus, when are had been said and done, dmwright cleaned up, beating second place evd by over 300 points and taking the division by over 100 points. Due to the low deviation in the scores, most of the room 1 coders kept much the same rating. The top 3 all moved up about 60 points, while po ended up taking a big hit and dropping 105 points.

Submission Rate Submission Succ. Avg. Pts.
High Score
Division I
Level 1
300 86.78% 69.60% 232.42 malpt
Level 2
500 82.38% 66.96% 347.94 venco
Level 3
1100 11.01% 3.08% 594.14 dmwright
Level 1
300 66.49% 23.27% 195.55 mthreat
Level 2
500 54.48% 15.60% 365.51 FlySkippy1
Level 3
1000 21.23% 9.72% 576.13 b0b0b0b

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member