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SRM 88
May 15, 2002

Rookie Review

It seems that SRM 88's Div-II problems were unusually hard, and a majority of the rookies ended up with 0 points. This gave a few people the ability to really distinguish themselves and start off with a great rating. MarsWarhammer, NeutralParity, voltron, and jlubliner all made it to yellow with debuts of 1562, 1519, 1653, and 1671. But beating all of them, and taking the division was Minsk , whose division high 1370.61 out of 1800 gave him an impressive debut rating of 1888, which places him in 8th on the all time list. This puts him directly below recent TopCoder wonder, kpsmith , whose rating is up to 2049 in only three challenges.

As sort of an amusing side note: no one in rooms 40, 44, 50, or 53 ended up with points greater than 0.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member