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SRM 86
May 8, 2002

Room 1 Review

The top five rated heavyweights were missing tonight, which gave a number of people who are usually in room 2 an opportunity to compete for the big money in room 1. Everyone coded the 275 point problem with ease, and not one of them failed. The 475 point problem was a different matter though, with only benetin, ambrose, and malpt submitting successful solutions. SnapDragon was able to challenge three of the unsuccessful solutions, which allowed him to beat ambrose by a single point for second place. People had slightly more luck with the 1000 point problem, as all four submissions passed system testing. When system tests finished, benetin had taken advantage of his opportunity in room 1 and beat second place SnapDragon by a comfortable margin of 184 points.

As far as ratings were concerned, benetin was the only one to come out with a big gain. SnapDragon and ambrose posted moderate gains of 15 and 34 points, respectively, and everyone else went down. John Dethridge, ZorbaTHut, anr, and bigg_nate all dropped over 100 points. All in all, room 1 turned in a rather mediocre performance in SRM 86, with an average score of 651, far below that of room 2 whose average score was 836.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member