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SRM 86
May 8, 2002

Rookie Review

BlueTDimly and Cagey both had impressive debuts with ratings of 1525 and 1659, respectively. Belle beat them both by coding all three problems for 1646 points, and then adding 100 points during the challenge phase, for the 17th highest debut rating of 1801. However, kpsmith won division 2 by a large margin, by coding all three problems for 1685.74 points, and then adding 250 points during the challenge phase. This impressive total gave kpsmith the 7th highest debut rating, at 1894. This places him in such honorable company as pl31415, SnapDragon, and John Dethridge.

Last week's winning rookie, loopy, won again this week by taking room 7 with 1014 points and increasing his rating to 1951.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member