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SRM 84
April 30, 2002

Room 1 Review

doeth submitted first for 243.67 out of 250, followed almost immediately by ZorbaTHut. jonmac and NDBronson both submitted about a minute later. After fifteen minutes everyone but dmwright, who started with the 900 point problem, was done with the 250. After twenty minutes dmwright finished the 900 point and moved back to the 250, which he finished nine minutes later. derkuci, who skipped the 600 in favor of the 900 was the first to finish two problems.

After 32 minutes, NDBronson finished the 600, for 372.67 points. ZorbaTHut was right behind him and finished his 600 a minute later. It was not until 53 minutes into the competition that the last person, reid, submitted a second person. However, this proved not to be a problem for reid, as he coded the 900 point problem in 14 minutes for 752.51 points, second only to John Dethridge. At intermission John Dethridge stood on top with his division best 769.06 out of 900. NDBronson was 27.55 points behind him, and trailing by 69.5 in third was reid. Challenging was pretty light, with only one successful challenge by ZorbaTHut of dmwright's 600 point problem. Additionally NDBronson had an unsuccessful challenge of ZorbaTHut that dropped him from second into third, and moving reid up. System testing caught more bugs and killed John Dethridge's 600 which dropped him out of the running. It also killed two of derkuci's solutions, which cost him 140 ratings points. So, at the end of the night, reid had come from behind and beat out NDBronson by 8.05 points, who in turn beat third place ZorbaTHut by only 3.59 points. As a result reid's rating went up 132 points. On the other side of things, derkuci dropped 140 points, knocking him out of the top 10.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member