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SRM 84
April 30, 2002

Rookie Review

cbthiess submitted all three problems in slightly over a half hour, for 1447.52 points. This alone would have sufficed to make him the highest scoring first timer, but he decided to add another 100 points to this by successfully challenging NinjaDragon and sanderj. This score gave him a debut rating of 1755, 25th all time. In distant second was Special-Ed with 1394.41 and a debut rating of 1591. Other notables included fist, with a debut rating of 1550, mcrispino with 1527, and PurpleBob, with 1516.

Last SRM's up and comers continued to do well this week. SRM 83's highest scoring first timer, radeye, placed third in room 6, increasing his rating to 1946. Last week's second place first timer, currane, did even better, winning room 10 by submitting all three problems correctly and increasing his rating to 1948.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member