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SRM 83
April 27, 2002

Room 1 Review

Room 1 started with everyone opening the Level One problem, except dmwright who skipped to the Level Two and reid who did start with the Level One, but for some reason started five minutes late. Meanwhile, ZorbaTHut had finished and submitted the Level One problem in only seconds more than three and a half minutes, getting 196.90 points. SnapDragon and doeth submitted theirs in four and a half minutes for 195.07 and 195.15 points respectively, followed by the rest of Room One (except dmwright), each coder proceeding to the Level Two problem.

doeth submitted the Level Two problem both fast and best, getting 418.77 points for 17 minutes of work, while dmwright finished his solution, taking almost 27 minutes for 333.96 points and going back to the Level One problem, finishing it in 6 minutes for 192.60 points.

In a surprise move, benetin apparently gave up on the Level Two problem, moving on to the Level Three problem after almost 18 minutes of work. Meanwhile, Joe, John Dethridge, reid, and finally ZorbaTHut submitted their Level Two solutions within ten minutes, Joe getting 340.62 points due to a late start and ZorbaTHut bringing up the end with only 278.27 points, taking him 37 minutes.

Aside from derkuci's late Level Two submission, only half a minute before the end of coding phase, getting 206.07 points for almost 70 minutes of work, all that was left were the Level Three submissions. reid scored dramatically higher than anyone else, submitting in under 16 minutes and getting 787.79 points. dmwright took half an hour and got 552.89 points, while doeth spent 48 minutes for 429.12 points.

At the end of coding phase, reid was comfortably in the lead by almost 250 points, followed by dmwright and doeth seperated by a mere 20 points, but Snapdragon, Joe, and John Dethridge behind them by over 500.

Challenge phase started with the only Level Three challenge attempted, doeth's unsuccessful challenge on dmwright. All the other challenges were on the Level Two problem, with Joe, doeth, and dmwright's solutions falling to John Dethridge, benetin, and SnapDragon respectively. SnapDragon also challenged doeth's Level Two unsuccessfully, and benetin attacked SnapDragon and ZorbaTHut's solutions unsuccessfully.

Despite dmwright and doeth losing their Level Two submission, both of them were still in the same positions after challenge phase. Systest produced no changes, only shuffling around 5th through 7th place, as ZorbaTHut, SnapDragon, and derkuci's Level Two solutions all failed. ZorbaTHut ended up in 5th place on the strength of his Level One solution with benetin picking up last due to a very slow submission (over 9 minutes, for 180.71 points.)

reid, the only coder in Room One with all three submissions still intact, won by a margin of over 570 points, boosting his rating by 137 points. dmwright and doeth picked up second and third place, doeth increasing by 32 points and dmwright, due to his exceedingly high rating after the collegiate and the exceptional performance by reid, actually dropping by 8 rating points.

benetin picked up last, his Level One submission combined with a net loss of 50 points in challenge phase only giving him 130.71 points, losing him 183 rating points.

John Dethridge was 4th by only 22 points despite a successful challenge by him and an unsuccessful by doeth.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member