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SRM 83
April 27, 2002

Rookie Review

The rookie rooms started off with an impressive series of scores, with herrerar achieving 1504 points exactly, followed by sillyg00se with 1326.70 points, radeye with 1193.80 points, currane with 1124.25 points, dacurran with 1032.81 points, alexguev with 1031.95 points, and eurasian_69 with 1021.76 points, each one submitting all three problems. Unfortunately, only radeye, currane, and dacurran made it through challenge phase unscatched, though herrerar made an enormous blitz of no less than ten challenges, precisely half of which were successful. System tests produced further carnage, wiping out the Level Three submissions of all three as well as dacurran's Level One solution.

The final room leaders were Rojer in room 50 with his Level One solution (though trailed by only slightly more than a point by hjdorn), NathanJava in room 51 with a Level Two solution and a net gain of 50 points from challenge phase, dacurran in room 52 with a Level Two solution, zeze in room 53 with a Level One solution, val in room 55 with a Level Two solution, Marvin in room 56 with a Level One solution and 50 challenge points, astramer in room 57 with a Level Two solution and 50 challenge points, and granty in room 58 with a Level Two solution and two successful challenges.

However, the clear winner of the rookie rooms was radeye from room 54, finishing with 653.18 points from both a Level One and Level Two solution as well as a successful challenge. radeye was one of only two rookie coders to complete more than one problem, the other being currane with 549.71 points, which would have gotten him leader in any other rookie room by a substantial margin.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member