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SRM 79
April 10, 2002

Room 1 Review

Room 1 started out rather normally, with NDBronson submitting the 300 first, taking only seven and a half minutes for 281.73 points. Second was John Dethridge, spending eight minutes for 279.73 points, followed by the rest of the room. dmwright came in last with 252.79 points after sixteen and a half minutes, but due to a three-and-a-half-minute late start, this only adds up to thirteen minutes of coding time.

ZorbaTHut submitted the fastest 500 by quite a bit, completing the code in only 9 minutes. Doeth and NDBronson followed soon after, taking 11.5 and almost 15 minutes respectively. dgarthur submitted the slowest 500pt solution, spending over 24 minutes on it. Only evd failed to submit the 500.

ZorbaTHut submitted an amazingly fast 950pt solution, taking only slightly over 10 minutes to code it for 844.96 points and submitting even before most of the room had finished their 500s. NDBronson submitted a full 16 minutes later, spending about 21.5 minutes coding it for 648.72 points, but soon followed by dmwright making up for his slow 300 and 500 by submitting an 11-minute solution for 830.86 points. doeth had the slowest 950pt solution, spending almost 32 minutes on his code. John Dethridge and evd failed to submit the 950pt.

Challenge round was amazingly boring, as absolutely nothing happened.

System tests produced a few upsets - ZorbaTHut's fast 950pt solution failed, dropping him from 1st to 6th. The only other failures were dgarthur's 500pt and John Dethridge's 500pt. dmwright took the lead with his high-scoring 950pt and all three successful solutions, totaling 1434.10 points, followed by NDBronson with 1332.36 points and malpt with 1274.74 points, each with three working solutions. Last place was evd with 269.99 points, followed by John Dethridge with 269.73, each with only their 300pt solution remaining. ZorbaTHut was the only other coder with less than 1000 points in Room 1.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member