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SRM 79
April 10, 2002

Rookie Review

In the rookie rooms, Frostilicus in Room 65 submitted the fastest problem set, netting 1138.10 points for all three solutions. Only he and Niller broke 1100, though MadMax, Arachnid, JackAttack, weirfreak, KingTark, Silence, fenrir28, and v3risimilitud3 all achieved more than 1000 points.

Challenge phase produced more than one reversal, with many of the people over 1000 losing most or even all of their solutions, some offsetting this with one or more successful challenges. Most notably is mmsa in room 61 getting four successful challenges on Arachnid, MadMax, Xalles, and kris, though an unsuccessful challenge on a different solution of Arachnid's meant only a net gain of 150 points. Silence in room 64 added 50 points to their score with a successful challenge of TaeShadow, bringing it up to 1123.45.

System test was drastic in some rooms and ineffective in others. Room 61 with an amazing 12 successful challenges overall only lost a single solution, while Room 64 with only a single successful challenge lost a total of nine solutions. Frostilicus's 450 failed the system test, as did Silence's 1000 and Niller's 300. However, in each case their two remaining submissions kept them in first place, Frostilicus having the only working 1000pt solution in the rookie rooms. pearl won Room 62 with a successful 300pt and a successful 450pt.

The grand winner of the rookie rooms, however, was mmsa, submitting a rapid 300 and 450 and then gaining another 150 points during challenge phase, for a grand total of 824.11 and a debut rating of 1485.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member