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SRM 100
June 24, 2002

Room 1 Review

Room One enjoyed several quickly-coded problems today. bigg_nate got the 250 faster than anybody, less than 4 minutes for 245.29 points. SnapDragon barely squeezed in under 4 minutes as well, yielding 245.19 points. ZorbaTHut took a close third, 20 seonds later for 244.33 points.

SnapDragon took first on the 500pt, 460.04 points in eight and a half minutes. ZorbaTHut followed close behind him again, 458.49 points only ten seconds later.

John Dethridge took the lead from SnapDragon, though, needing only 15 and a half minutes for his Level Three for 790.81 points. And ZorbaTHut dropped far in the room rankings, spending nearly an hour on a solution for only 396.94 points. The only unsubmitted problems were bigg_nate's 1000 and jonmac's 500.

doeth, unfortunately, found a flaw in his 250pt solution, and was forced to resubmit for only 76.57 points.

Challenge phase was uneventful, the only challenge being jonmac's failed attack on dmwright's 500.

System test left few surprises as well. John Dethridge kept all his submissions, as did SnapDragon and Yarin, placing them respectively 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Ironically, doeth lost his 250 despite the resubmit, but placed 4th anyway. ZorbaTHut and dmwright both lost their 1000pt submissions. venco lost both his 500 and 1000, while jonmac's failed 1000 and unsubmitted 500 pushed him down to a similar level.

John Dethridge passed ZorbaTHut in the rankings, placing him 40 points behind NDBronson. SnapDragon boosted his rating to equal reid's.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member