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SRM 100
June 24, 2002

Rookie Review

Rookie Rooms have apparently returned to normal - the high scores after coding phase almost invariably fall. Scores in most rooms topped 1200 after coding phase, two rooms breaking 1500, and much of it falling during challenge phase. ender_wiggin got six successful challenges with only a single failure, turning a score of 429.10 into 679.10, more than three times anyone else in his room. Mr.APeaEye didn't fare quite as well, starting with only 187.19 and only making a pair of successful challenges, but this was still enough to ensure his win of Room 67. erdos managed an even more impressive win, starting with 132.88 points in second-to-last-place and more than doubling it with three challenges to finish in first for room 71.

On the other hand, it's the people who can keep their high-scoring solutions that win, and both bjacoke001 and nullspace kept both a working 200pt and 1100pt solution, finishing in first place in their rooms despite a failed challenge each. The grand winner, however, was Min,lu, the sole person in the rookie rooms to pass all three system tests. Despite a failed challenge, Min,lu won the round with almost a 200point lead, finishing with 1262.55.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member