Fault Detection in a 3D Seismic Volume: Fix to Prevent Gaps in Detected Planes

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Welcome to the Fault Detection in a 3D Seismic Volume - Fix to Prevent Gaps in Detected Planes challenge! Our client has interests in geophysics research, and it approached Topcoder with a problem related to automated analysis and interpretation of 3D Seismic data. As a result of previous ideation and marathon match challenges we have created a working C++ solution which takes as input a 3D Fault Likelihood Volume in SEG-Y format, detects, traces, and outputs fault planes as triangulated surface meshes. The aim of this challenge is to implemented an algorithm improvement which will enhance solution outputs by preventing gaps in detected planes.

Upon registration you will find in the challenge forum the current codebase with sample inputs, the overall description of how it works, and the high-level description of the fix to implement. Your goal is to implement the fix in a clean and efficient way.

Submissions will be judged with standard code challenge scorecard. The major requirement is to implemented the requested fix, and ensure it works on provided sample inputs; the minor requirement is to implement it efficiently from algorithmic point of view. As per the scorecard the overall code quality of updated code, and sufficient amount of comments, will be taken into account.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit a ZIP archive with updated codebase, and a brief description of your implementation of the fix.


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