November 22, 2021 TCO21 Final Day Recap

Here we are – the ultimate conclusion to the ultimate week.

On the seventh and last day of TCO21, the only competition left was the Design Final 3, where the ultimate design champion was decided. After that, this crazy week was finally wrapped up by the Awards Ceremony we were all waiting for, where all of our champions for this year were announced for each Topcoder track.

Find the Youtube recording for this exciting final day here.

Design Final 3

The Design Final 3 consisted of two rounds, the semifinal and the final. In the semifinals PereViki fought against wahyu.ts, and iamtong was against abedavera. Their task was to design a Topcoder social tool to allow social network -like community activity within Topcoder, following your friends and their achievements, posting updates and chatting, for example. In the end PereViki and iamtong proceeded to battle it out head to head in the final round. Their task in the Final round was to design an app to protect against allergy attacks in a predictive way, taking into account user allergies and combining this info with, for example, pollen levels in the vicinity or possible allergens in nearby restaurants’ food menus. Scroll down below for the results of this fierce Final battle!

Awards Ceremony

We’ll go through the winners for each track below. But first, let’s celebrate the Front End Development Cup Digital Run champion soso0574 and the winner of the well-earned TCO21 Spirit Award, fajar.mln. Congratulations!

Velo by Wix Hackathon

The surprise Hackathon announced only during TCO, open to everyone, even those who did not qualify to any finals. Velo by Wix is an exciting low-code web development platform that allows accelerated development of powerful and stylish websites and apps with an in-browser editor and advanced integration functionality. Prize money was awarded for the six highest scoring submissions. Additionally, each submitter to this challenge will receive a t-shirt. The six winning placements for this challenge were

  1. sdeepakkumar
  2. mbaghel
  3. deblasis
  4. jiangliwu
  5. fctorial
  6. kharm


Now, let’s move on to the results of the TCO Finals!


The winners for this year’s QA (Quality Assurance) track are:

  1. codejam
  2. malfoys76
  3. youDare

Congratulations to codejam for winning the TCO21 QA championship!


The winners for this year’s F2F (First to Finish) track are:

  1. thomaskranitsas
  2. cunhavictor
  3. harishchennupa

Congratulations to thomaskranitsas for winning the TCO21 F2F championship!


The winners for this year’s Development track are:

  1. jiangliwu
  2. NightWolf
  3. ChanKamWo

Congratulations to jiangliwu for winning the TCO21 Development championship!


The winners for this year’s Marathon track are:

  1. CatalinT
  2. Psyho
  3. wleite

Congratulations to CatalinT for winning the TCO21 Marathon championship!

UI Design

The winners for this year’s UI Design track are:

  1. iamtong
  2. PereViki
  3. wahyu.ts

Congratulations to iamtong for winning the TCO21 Design championship!


The winners for this year’s Algorithm track are:

  1. tourist
  2. Petr
  3. Um_nik

Congratulations to tourist for winning the TCO21 Algorithm championship!

Wrap Up!

Let’s celebrate all of our TCO21 champions! They all worked extremely hard and did amazingly well in these finals competitions, where their hard work truly paid off. Congratulations!


As usual, each champion takes home a $10 000 dollar prize, plus a trophy mailed to them at their home. Additionally, the second place winners for each track are rewarded $1500, and the third place winners gain a $500 prize.

After the ceremonies, virtual clapping and cheering, some fun times were had in the afterparty session led by none other but mahestro himself with our beloved DJ, nick.castillo. But we just call him DJ Nick.


Ps. you should have seen kiril.kartunov‘s dance moves. Holy moly!

What’s next?

TCO22, of course! See you next year!

Pentti Sunila

Guest Blogger


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