It was a November to remember as the 2022 Topcoder Open (TCO22) got underway. First, we must thank our sponsors of TCO22, the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center at the Broad Institute and the Better Call Trawl Challenge from Herox.

TCO22 began with a special webinar: A New Data Science Competition announcement by Caroline Uhler, PhD from the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center at the Broad Institute and our Topcoder Crowd For Good Cancer Solutions program which was an informative webinar focused on the technological advances being made in the fight against Cancer. 

Day 1 was the official kickoff to the tournament, beginning with our parade of finalists introducing themselves and their amazing gifts. After the introduction, things got really interesting with an exciting round of Marathon Match Finals and our first Algorithm contest. The finalists wasted no time putting forth some of their best efforts. Our team of commentators for the first Algorithm round including tourist, scott_wu, neal_wu, and ecnerwal; all of whom would be competing the next day in the next round.

Attendees of TCO22 were able to engage on the virtual platform in a host of different ways; ranging from challenges, webinars, and point accumulation to gain leaderboard status and win amazing prizes themselves. That’s right, the fun was not limited to only the competitors. This year’s event featured challenges like the Fantasy and Pick’ems which allowed attendees to evaluate each competitor’s skills and predict who they felt would win it all! This year also saw the premier of the Topcoder Timeline Wall, which allowed the community to share their fondest memories of their time with the company. It was a real treat to see the friendships, connections and good times that have grown over the years. Find the recording here.

Day 2 of this year’s events showcased another truly inspiring webinar which highlighted another one of Topcoder’s primary initiatives. A new Topcoder mentorship program opened the world’s eyes to the benefits of structured leadership. It too featured incredible speakers and valuable feedback from the community. Participants to all informative sessions also received points just for attending; a great way to have fun and be informed.

We also had another exciting algorithm round and witnessed our Development, QA, and First2Finish competitors do their thing. Don’t miss the recording here.

And let’s not forget about the last day of the finals which can only be described as phenomenal! The Design Finals kicked off the start and we were blown away by what they came up with. Then the Algorithm Finals were intense with our top competitive programmers pacing, scribbling, and stressing over how to solve the tough problems.

For our champions, the Awards Ceremony was about more than recognition, it was a moment to be cherished. These amazing competitors are from all around the world, each with their own stories of tradition, dedication, and pathways to get to this defining moment. Take a look here and see the winners. Find the recap here.

There would be no TCO without a competitive spirit and a burning desire to be the best you can be. Our champions have shown these virtues year in and year out! The year 2023 is right around the corner, and so is TCO23! We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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