August 20, 2022 A Recap of Excellence

The TCO22 Regional Events were truly an engagement to remember! The world’s greatest minds once again converged on what was set to be an epic battle of competition and intrigue spanning multiple continents. But this year was special. This year marked the beginning of one era, and the continuation of another.This was the first time Africa was featured in the Regional Events, and the turnout was phenomenal! Lagos, Nigeria represented well the creative potential of some of its brightest talents like [nika] who won first place in the region and tied for fifth place overall. We’re expecting Africa to be one of our most-active regions next year! This year’s regionals also marked the return of in-person events in Indonesian and India which hadn’t been the case since 2019. Since the pandemic hit, some wondered if the events would ever be the same again. And to be quite frank, they weren’t—they were better!

Though there was an overwhelming and impressive group of competitors and innovators on-hand, not everyone could go home a winner. But that does not mean that nothing was gained from this competition. Each participant made themselves better, and advanced their skill level to ready themselves for future events. There were multiple ties as well, which is another reason why TCO22 was so unique! Imagine a contest being so competitive that the judges have difficulties vacillating between talent. This speaks to the high level of ingenuity and creative aptitude of this year’s event.

The overall winners circle was plentiful as there was a three-way tie for third place, a four-way tie for fifth place, two for eighth and three for ninth place! Each region brought its own swag to the table allowing for a more pleasantly-diverse atmosphere. But there could only be one overall champion. [tourist], who represents the Europe and Central Asia region took home the grand prize! He showcased his talent earlier in the competition by placing first in the algorithm contest and steadily climbed from there. Everyone who competes in the TCO Regionals are winners in our book. We learn, we grow, and we get better together. The world is already looking forward to TCO23. And based on this year’s display, the best is yet to come! To see all Regionals winners, check out our TCO22 Regional Events page.


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