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Challenge Overview

TCO21 - $10,000 Velo by Wix Hackathon

Challenge Overview

Welcome to the TCO21 - Velo by Wix Hackathon! We are excited to launch a 48 Hour $10,000 Hackathon as part of the 2021 Topcoder Open! We are excited to partner up with Velo by Wix to bring you this event. Anyone can join and enjoy the spirit of the Topcoder Open.

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1) Get started now by registering at

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5) Join us in the Velo by Wix Hackathon Lounge at the 2021 Topcoder Open to ask questions or just hang out!

48 Hour Hackathon: Timeline

Start: Wednesday, November 17, 2021, @ 8:00 am EST

End: Friday November 19, 2021 @ 8:00 am EST

Winners: Saturday November 20, 2021 @ 11:30 am EST

(During the 2021 Topcoder Open Awards Ceremony & Closing Reception).


1) $5,000

2) $2,500

3) $1,000

4) $700

5) $500

6) $300

We will also award Topcoder swag to the winners and any special mentions determined by the judges.

Topcoder Open Lounge

  • Virtually join us at the 2021 Topcoder Open in our Velo by Wix Hackathon Lounge to ask questions or to just hang out! The Lounge will open Wednesday, November 17 @ 11:30 am EST.

  • You can always ask questions in the competition forum.

Problem Statement: AI-Transcription Service

With more content than ever being captured via video and audio recordings, (web conferences, events, meetings, training, interviews, podcasts, school courses, and more) there is an explosion in demand for transcription services.

You are an entrepreneur and you notice voice transcription services are in high demand by content creators. You think to yourself “Why not make a friendly ai-transcription service?”.

Using, build a site that allows users to upload a video or an audio file, and when the transcription is completed, make it available for the user as part of the UI.

About the Platform

Velo (by is a full-stack development platform that empowers you to rapidly build, manage and deploy professional web apps. It’s a hybrid of both, code and no-code, platforms. You can build and deploy apps quickly all in the same place.

Hackathon at TCO21

If you didn’t get a chance to participate as a Topcoder Open Finalist, here is your chance to shine and join the spotlight. We are giving away $10,000 in this hackathon!

We know your time is precious so we will keep this description lean. You have to build a web app using The app will be an AI-based transcription service. Pretty decent and easy to build with the power of Velo, no?

Code Golf

The real fun begins with the requirement of doing it in the spirit of Code Golf.

What is Code Golf?

The term "code golf" is derived from the similarity of its goal with that of conventional golf, where participants seek to achieve the lowest possible score, rather than the highest, as is the standard in most sports and game scoring systems. While conventional golf players are trying to minimize the number of club strokes needed to complete the course, Code golfers are striving to reduce the number of keystrokes necessary to write the program. (

In this hackathon, the Code Golf challenge is to use the least amount of UI Elements and written code to create a user-friendly, performance efficient, and visually appealing website.

Interface Requirements

  • We are looking for you to create a Velo by Wix site that is focused on the creation of a friendly AI transcription service.

  • Responsive - modern web design is also focused on a mobile-first mentality. Your creation should also render on phones.

  • Participants are free to innovate how the application’s UI/UX looks. Make sure to check the judging criteria related to interface expectations.

Functional Requirements

  • You may use any cloud-based AI services to do the transcription.

  • Please make sure the user is allowed to upload a moderately sized file.

  • The faster the transcription is produced, the better value it provides to the end-user

Judging Criteria

Your submissions will be assessed using the following rubric:

1) Functional requirements (40% weight)

2) Minimum code usage (lowest number of characters > 0) (15% weight)

  • You can delete any unused/auto-included code
  • You can modify any auto-generated code to shorten it
  • Your code must functionally do something to be eligible for this, you can’t for example do ()=>{} or let ato just have code on the page

3) Minimum Wix elements (15% weight)

  • Any time you drag an element onto a page that counts as 1 element

  • A repeater counts as 1 element

  • An element within a repeater counts as 1 element, regardless of the number of times it’s displayed within a repeater

  • Element count will be based on the number of fully expanded items in the EditorX Layers tab

  • If using multiple pages elements on every page will be counted, elements repeated across pages will only count once (as in the header, footer, dynamic pages, and routers). Please make sure you use the resources optimally.

4) Design: How your design of the application looks and how usable it is. (30% weight)

  • Ease of Use: The submission is easy for end-users to use and consume.

  • The application is complete and usable.

  • Is your submission a high-quality submission? Would people use this application?

Submission Requirements

  • Text File: Submit a Text file (your-topcoder-username.txt) containing the app URL hosted on

  • Video: Under 2-minute Video presentation uploaded on Google Drive and link to be shared in the same text file. Your video should be you explaining your solution and how it met the hackathon requirements. Note: We may show clips of the videos as part of the Winner’s announcement.

  • Share: Share your project with the Hackathon Co-pilot DrHarrisonWells by inviting the following email on your project: In your dashboard, you will have to navigate to “Settings > Roles & Permissions > Invite People to This Site”.

  • Zip File: Submit everything as a .zip file to this Topcoder Challenge


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