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Marketing Services:
Conference Events

Reaching the TopCoder Community
TopCoder has created an online venue that brings together some of the most talented developers from around the world. Each week, TopCoder hosts an online programming competition (Single Round Match) during which developers compete for ratings and bragging rights, and to hone their skills for our large tournaments.

First of Its Kind
TopCoder competitions offer a venue previously unavailable to the programming world - real-time competitions that are judged immediately and objectively. With TopCoder, technologists from around the world are able to compete online in a short and concentrated amount of time. Moreover, with each weekly Single Round Match lasting only 90-minutes, programmers don't have to sacrifice as much free time to compete and have the chance to compete more often.

Sponsorship Programs
TopCoder's Sponsorship Program provides companies with an ability to educate, interact with and market themselves to the member base. This is accomplished by putting sponsoring companies in front of developers in the most applicable places during the most visited times.

TopCoder offers a unique opportunity to sponsor diverse events that are designed to meet and exceed your marketing goals. Choose to sponsor the event that is right for you:

  • Held biannually
  • Title, Premier and Corporate sponsorships available
  • Online and onsite over a 10 - 12 week period
  • Sponsors promoted on TopCoder website, competition arena, opt-in email and onsite
  • Extensive PR
    Conference Events
  • For designated developers (conference attendees, employees, etc.)
  • Customized for your business needs
  • Online and/or onsite

The TopCoder Advantage
TopCoder offers sponsorships to companies trying to reach a powerful community of technologists. This highly sought after demographic influences technology buying decisions for thousands of companies. They dictate the future direction of technology and manage thousands of people.

For more information, contact Paul Moriarty at or 866.TOP.CODE

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