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Marketing Services:
Conference Events

Marketing through Conference Events

TopCoder has the ability to customize a competition to help our clients reach their goals and objectives. We have executed hundreds of competitions and are uniquely qualified to handle the necessary details to effectively carry out a successful competition including:

  • TopCoder developing all aspects of each event including rules, regulations, eligibility, registration, event website, competition manual, practice rooms, problem writing, testing and coordination.
  • TopCoder providing support and administration during conference events for registration, practice rooms, competition arena, chat sessions, FAQs, and prize money administration.
  • TopCoder marketing each event to our international member base of over 38,000 developers.
  • TopCoder providing results verification and dissemination after each event, as well as completed software design documents, working components and code submissions.
  • TopCoder providing flexible competition platforms such as algorithm, software component design, and software component development.

Developer Events and Conferences
Providing a developer competition will add to the excitement surrounding your developer event or conference. Programming, by nature, is competitive and TopCoder events allow developers to compete and be recognized. Online competition leading up to an event provides scale while the TopCoder Scoreboard creates onsite excitement.

Product Marketing
Component software development competitions as well as algorithm competitions attract a targeted group of influencers and decision makers. Through our conference events, we have the ability to integrate select tools to be used in competition, allowing companies to showcase their tools in software design and development processes.

Our most recent Conference Events

For more information, contact Paul Moriarty at or 866.TOP.CODE

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