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Marketing through Tournament Sponsorship

TopCoder is the X-Games of software development. Our tournaments are known worldwide as the most grueling, comprehensive sport in programming. The events allow competitors to solve complex algorithmic problems and design and develop working pieces of reusable software. All current technologies are incorporated, including Java, C++, C#, VB.Net, UML, J2EE and .NET.

The TopCoder Open (TCO), our spring event, is host to professional and collegiate developers. This event is dominated by the highest rated members in the TopCoder community, but enjoys heavy participation and spectatorship from developers of all levels. Our flagship event, the TCO routinely draws substantial press in the US and abroad.

The TopCoder Collegiate Challenge (TCCC), our fall event, involves thousands of university-level students majoring in everything from computer science to mathematics to applied physics. The students compete head-to-head over several online elimination rounds until the best are flown in to compete in person at the onsite finals. As with the TCO, the destination of the finals varies from year to year.

  • TopCoder develops all aspects of each event including rules, regulations, eligibility, registration, event website, competition manual, practice rooms, problem writing, testing and coordination.
  • TopCoder provides flexible competition platforms such as algorithm, software component design, and software component development.
  • TopCoder's global member base of developers generates significant word-of-mouth momentum as registration spikes around the tournaments. Over 30% of new members sign on due to referral from a TopCoder member.

Component software development competitions as well as algorithm competitions attract a targeted group of influencers and decision makers. TopCoder offers custom programs for technology vendors to increase awareness and adoption through our tournaments. If you are looking to sign up developers to your developer network, put your technology in the hands of developers, or launch a new product line, TopCoder tournaments provide the venue.

Past TopCoder Tournaments

For more information contact Paul Moriarty at or 866.TOP.CODE

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