February 4, 2021

What is Topcoder?

Topcoder is the market leader in the challenge model. What is the Topcoder challenge model?

Utilizing our 1.5 million-plus member community we can take our clients’ requirements and break them down into small manageable chunks of work. These are then put out to the community members, in the form of challenges and tasks, who can submit their solutions. This allows different brilliant minds to work on the same project, bringing together various solutions to provide the best outcome.

These outcomes are then joined together to create the final deliverable. This process has been successfully deployed on projects to help manage satellite efficiency for NASA, to create market leading applications, and even to work on the recent COVID-19 global pandemic.

See some of our case studies here.

What Can I Do on the Topcoder Platform?

Besides being a contributing member of a distinct community of the most hard-working and talented individuals from around the world, there are other ways to become involved at Topcoder.




Group 9
Group 9

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