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SRM 97
June 12, 2002

Rookie Review

Today yielded four rookie rooms, and I think I'm going to stop mentioning how high rookie coding-phase scores usually collapse, because lately they haven't been. After coding phase, qwj was leading the rooms with 1597.35 points, followed by HrtRulzMind with 1222.10, mlev with 1203.06, boydp with 1202.51, silicon with 1109.89, snx with 1072.96, and lympanda with 1025.22, after which scores dropped almost 200 points.

Challenges saw little action today - one succeeded challenge in room 64 by banizar, one in room 67 by LuSiD, as well as successful challenges by snx and qwj. Unfortunately, every other successful challenge - of which there were few - were invariably followed by one or more unsuccessful. Even snx and qwj's successes were bittersweet, as both coders lost their Level One submissions due to challenges.

System tests, unfortuately, blitzed all the rooms very badly, leaving only the top scorers in each room with positive scores. qwj from room 66 finished in the lead overall, keeping 1360.55 points from his two remaining submissions and successful challenge. HrtRulzMind, in room 64, took second, preserving 1222.10 points directly from coding phase. boydp, room 67, took third, duplicating the feat with a mere 20 fewer points. Despite a Level Three failure, mlev took fourth, winning Room 65 with 627.12 points.

qwj exited the rookie rooms with a rating of 1721.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member