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SRM 95
June 5, 2002

Rookie Review

Rookie Room was oddly small today, only filling 4 rooms with a total of 32 people, and also surprisingly predictable, therefore this writeup is going to be rather small also. Coding phase ended with five scores above 1000. jms137 took the lead with 1306.38 points, followed by good with 1263.67 points, Ricin with 1130.37 points, and Poobslag with 1123.37 points.

Normally the highest scores in the Rookie Rooms fold quite quickly in challenge - often people code very quickly without testing well. Today, however, was an exception. Out of all those five, only Ricin lost a problem - two, in fact, both the Level One and the Level Three. However, Ricin's two successful challenges were enough to regain first place in Room 68 by a comfortable margin, as the second-place competitor lost their Level Three as well.

As for the other coders, good was the only other one to lose points, making a pair of unsuccessful challenges. Poobslag, in the same room, got two successful challenge to push his score sixty points ahead of good, then lost a challenge to drop down to ten points above.

System test yielded even fewer changes. Only eight solutions failed over the entire Rookie Rooms. One of these was good's, but the simultaneous failure of the third-place competitor in that room kept good in second place.

Ricin kept lead in Room 68, finishing with 541.18 points. jms137 kept 1306.38 points straight from coding phase, leading room 67. Poobslag took first in Room 65 with 1123.37 points from coding phase and 50 challenge points. jms137, became one of only two coders to go yellow straight from the Rookie Rooms after this match.

Also of note is good, keeping a Level One and Level Two for 593.37 points despite two failed challenges, and Descent , holding on to 590.37 points in Room 66. omarr and chandan both finished with 535 points and change.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member