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SRM 94
June 3, 2002

Rookie Review

There were 48 rookies this match, making for 5 rookie rooms (64 - 68). 4 of the rookies debuted in the yellow, 8 debuted in blue, and the rest going into Division-II.

In room 64, lars was the clear winner, gaining 1429.07 points on the problems, 3rd highest in the division, and gaining a whopping 200 points for 5 successful challenges and 1 unsuccessful challenge, giving him the division high final score of 1629.0 points, a great rating of 1837 (the 15th highest ever), and a nice crisp $100 check.

Room 65 produced two new hopefuls, haha and WishingBone, each getting 1349.61 and 1124.02 points respectively for submitting all three problems, and 1 net successful challenge apiece. haha got the 4th highest score in the division, and WishingBone got the 10th highest.

In room 66, Xu Chuan gained a yellow rating for his 1126.30 points, which was the 9th highest in the division.

In room 67, no one produced more than 2 solutions, and the room was pretty quiet except for renanse who submitted 6 challenges, 4 of which were successful.

Room 68 was devastated by the system tester, which left only 2 solutions in the whole room. The room leader going into the challenge phase, bonkers, was hit with two challenges, dropping him to 6th place. However, after the system test ravaged everyone's solutions, his 428.74 points for the level 3 was enough to win him the room, and a 1411 debut rating.

By schveiguy
TopCoder Member