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SRM 90
May 21, 2002

Rookie Review

In the Rookie Rooms, the coding phase ended with several surprisingly high final scores. zhaozhong led the pack with 1294.74 points, followed by shaq1214 and maikuru with 1232.23 and 1231.99 points, and indigo9 with 1191.44 points. Other room leaders were dspetty with 1097.23 points, tahir with 1153.44 points, and aduzik with 1085.22 points.

Usually in the Rookie Rooms, a high coding score doesn't hold up - it's usually indicative of a rookie who's going too fast and not checking their work. Today, however, indigo9 survived two challenges, and zhaozhong didn't even get challenged. maikuru used the round to gain another 50 points, zhaozhong paralleling that with a successful challenge of his own, but indigo9 shot past both of them with an impressive series of five challenges, all successful. Yrth in room 64 gained 50 points off a challenge for a total of 1161.78, while yfu, who was in the same room, brought his score to 1232.81 with two successful challenges.

zhaozhong won Room 61 with 1344.74 points. nissha4 won Room 62 with 562.66 points, and redleaf won Room 63 with 1009.88 points (followed by maikuru, left with only 698.98 points). Yrth was the leader of Room 64, holding on to 1161.78 points, closely followed by ifndef with 1028.49 points. onlycubsfan won Room 66 with 596.42 points, making one successful and two unsuccessful challenges to bring him within reach of doog, with 564.67 points including two successful challenges. Unfortunately for doog, that's as far as it went.

The overall leader of the Rookie Rooms was indigo9, who earned 1191.44 points in the Coding Phase and supplemented that with the aforementioned five challenges, for a grand total of 1391.44 points.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member