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SRM 87
May 9, 2002

Rookie Review

The Rookie Rooms started with mostly scores around the 300 or 400 area, but with a few interesting spikes. Teagueboy submitted 1236.00 points of solutions, hunsaker 1436.28 points, and Drache a surprising 1646.61 points. Challenge phase, however, revealed that while Teagueboy and hunsaker had submitted serious solutions, Drache's medium and hard solutions were simply stubs that returned an empty vector. Unfortunately, hunsaker's easy and medium solutions folded to challenges, as did Teagueboy's easy.

The room favorite of 63, itsouk, had submitted for 688.21 points, and managed to get another 200 points in challenge phase, succeeding on five challenges and failing on one. Meanwhile, jmayhew in room 61 almost tripled his submission score of 121.31 with four successful challenges of his own.

Challenges were quite thorough this round, as systests only wiped out one or two problems in most rooms, doing absolutely nothing in Room 61. However, Room 64 was hit quite hard by them, losing six submissions total.

In Room 60, the room leader was krogoth, getting 451.60 points for two working submissions and balancing one successful and one unsuccessful challenge. Room 61's winner was yavinmoon with 458.07 points, including 50 points for a good challenge and barely beating out krogoth for the leader of all the Rookie Rooms. Room 62's leader was momth with 307.88 points, getting only a submitted solution for easy but an extra 100 points from challenge phase. Room 63's leader was itsouk, submitting an easy and a hard, losing the hard, but still coming through on 195 points from his working easy solution and more than doubling that with another 200 points from challenge phase, totaling 395.00. And room 64's leader was Impartial, getting a total of 442.92 points for two working solutions and unfortunately missing a challenge.

Also of note are the aforementioned jmayhew in Room 61, finishing with 321.31 points, the fourth highest in the rookie rooms, and Teagueboy, keeping a working Level Two submission for 308.11 points.

In a mildly ironic note, it's worth pointing out that Drache's obviously-broken Level Three problem still successfully defended itself against no less than four challenges. It simply returned an empty array - {} - and all four first people to challenge did so with cases where the correct answer was the empty array! It took mverrey to come up with a test case that did not result in a null set for the result.

By ZorbaTHut
TopCoder Member